Having a Holiday in St Lucia with Kids

If you’re thinking about having a dream holiday to the Caribbean this year, why not visit St Lucia? The tiny island in the Eastern Caribbean has beaches, mountains, world-class diving spots and untainted luxury. From spending your time at the all-inclusive resort to booking one of the beachside homes in St Lucia, this island has everything a family could want for a perfect vacation. Here’s the essential about planning a holiday to St Lucia with kids.

Where to Stay

Several hotels, resorts and vacation rentals fill the island from high-end spots in Castries to beachside villas on Cap Estate. Knowing the right place to choose can make the family holiday easier to plan. Some prefer the comfort and convenience of staying at the all-inclusive while others want privacy in a secluded section of the beach. The first has the advantage of providing a range of facilities including swimming pools, food on demand and entertainment. Stay in a villa for an ultra-luxurious experience.

Finding the right place to stay depends on the age of your kids. Younger ones and teens might appreciate the range of activities at a hotel or resort. This could include sports facilities and kid’s clubs. If you want to have afamily holiday and spend your time relaxing, perhaps it might be better to consider a resort. Older teens, on the other hand, might like the privacy of having their own section of beach. Imagine waking up to the sights of theshore and having the opportunity to go out for an early morning swim. Though ultimately, the decision depends on your family’s interests.

What to Do in St Lucia

Having an idea of the different things to do before arriving on the island can help parents plan a more productive trip. While you might want to spend your time relaxing around the pool, it’s a good idea to get out and explore. After all, St Lucia is small, relatively safe and features a variety of natural wonders. Some parents choose to rent a car while others will join an organised tour. The must-do activities include spending a day at the beach, snorkelling, visiting the Pitons and seeing one of the island’s many waterfalls.

If you’re looking for activities suitable for younger children, consider visiting Rabot Cocoa Estate and make your own chocolate, join a rainforest tour and go to Splash Island Water Park. Older kids will appreciate the chance to go ziplining through the canopies in the northern part of the island, hiking in the rainforests and exploring the island as part of a dune buggy tour. St Lucia isn’t just about fancy resorts and sunset cocktails, it has a variety of activities that will keep the whole family entertained.

Essential Things to Know About Your Family Holiday

Before you start planning your family holiday, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of a few crucial points. First, parents should anticipate and prepare for a long flight, hot temperatures and potentially cranky or moody kids. Flying through time zones and developing jetlag while experiencing culture shock is challenging for everyone. Consider the impact it will have on your kids beforehand and take measures to reduce its effects.

The next point is to prepare yourself for the number of insects and mosquitoes. When you’re walking through the jungle, hundreds of bugs will swarm around anyone and anything in their path. If you’re relaxing on the beach, expect flies to be buzzing everywhere. And finally, as dusk approaches seemingly millions of mosquitoes will be out to bite you. Unfortunately, this is a sad way of life in the tropics andthere isn’t much you can do about it. The only solution is to use insect repellent and to cover your arms and legs after dark. If you decide to stay in one of the vacation rentals, it might be a good idea to bring mosquito coils, especially if you want to sit outside in the evening.

And the last thing every parent should do is always choose accommodation with air-conditioning. Temperatures rarely dip below the low 20s and evenings can be hot and sticky. Sleeping with just a fan might be uncomfortable. Do your research and make sure whatever place you choose has air-conditioning. You’ll thank yourself later.

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Kids

Having a family holiday will be very different to travelling with your partner as you may or may not know. Suddenly the type of activities will change to suit the children’s needs. For this reason, it’s important to always keep their best interests at the forefront of your mind. An example of this might be hiking the Pitons or spending an afternoon at the drive-through volcano spa. The parents have the energy to climb to the top and would be more than happy to relax in a mineral pool all afternoon but the kids probably won’t. It’s also not a good idea to stay out enjoying the nightlife if you’re here with your children regardless of their age. Sure, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy a sunset dinner or a few early evening cocktails. Just don’t stay out half the night.

Family Fun in St Lucia’s Tropical Wonderland

As you have seen, St Lucia makes a great spot to spend a week or two on a family holiday. Several resorts with various facilities will keep youentertainedand the island features several interesting attractions. Just remember the bug spray and to keep the children’s best interests ahead of your own and you’re probably going to have the best holiday of your lives.