Winter Relax On Sicily: 6 Valuable Tips

Winter Relax On Sicily: 6 Valuable Tips

Sicily is captivating at any time of the year: regardless of the season, it’s always possible to find interesting activities for a fascinating and unforgettable rest. Of course, the number of tourists is significantly reduced in this period, but at the same time, there are many people who come to Sicily exactly in winter. So, if you’re among them, then check out several tips…

The Weather on Sicily in winter

Planning a winter trip to Sicily, you shouldn’t worry about the weather: even in the cold season, the climate is much softer than in other cities of Italy. From December till February, the temperature on the island can vary between 10-15°C during the day and drop to 0°C in the evening. January is also characterized by frequent snowfalls, which is very encouraging for the fans of skiing.

A winter day on the tunnynet (Explore)


Events on Sicily in winter

The winter season on Sicily attracts by a large number of festivals and other events that will give you an opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to better learn the local culture. For example, there is a big festival of Saint Agatha, the patroness of the city, which is held in February in Catania. This holiday is a wonderful mixture of ancient traditions, religious rites and the modern spirit of entertainment.

In December, numerous Christmas festivals and celebrations are held throughout the territory of Sicily. In addition, there is a festival in honor of the famous playwright Pirandello, and in February – Almond Blossom Festival, where you can taste local delicacies cooked of almonds. If in December you find yourself in Syracuse, don’t miss the most grandiose city event – Santa Lucia holiday.

Red passion - Saint Agatha Feast, Catania


Winter sightseeing on Sicily

Even in inclement weather you can use the time with great benefit visiting archaeological sites and museums of Sicily. Winter is the most suitable time for cultural excursions, since you won’t be hindered by crowds of tourists, exhausting summer heat or ‘hordes’ of mosquitoes.

Located in the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, Kolymbetra Garden colorizes gloomy winter days with bright summer colors. While most of the gardens in winter, even on Sicily, don’t look very attractive, densely planted with citrus trees Kolymbetra Garden captivates you with the aroma and golden glow of mature fruits.

Il Giardino della Kolymbetra

Then you can visit the old historical areas and the archaeological park of Syracuse, learn more about this beautiful city, and just stroll along it. Also, it’s recommended to visit Ragusa, the museums of Taormina and Palermo to enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity.

Winter shopping on Sicily

There are many various shops and outlets on Sicily, and Sicilia Outlet Village situated in the province of Enna is a real paradise for shoppers. Don’t forget about the benefits of winter shopping, especially if your trip to Sicily coincides with the post-Christmas period. You will be able to fully enjoy the generous discounts of the season of sales and please yourself with excellent Italian shoes, bags, scarves and other quality accessories and clothes.



Skiing on Sicily

If you are a skiing fan, be sure to devote some time to go to the ski resorts situated in the Etna area and Madonie Mountains.

Rifugio Sapienza - Etna

Mount Etna provides excellent opportunities for unforgettable skiing on Sicily. Etna is a volcano with the highest point at around 3,350 meters. In winter, the top of Etna as a rule is fully covered with a thick layer of snow. There are 2 ski resorts in the foothills: Rifugio Sapienza, which is located on the southern part of the peak, and Linguaglossa – on the northern slope. Each of them offers comfortable hotels, skiing schools, ski rental and qualified medical assistance in case of injury. The easiest way to reach Mount Etna is from the nearby cities of Catania and Taormina.

Transport and lodging on Sicily in winter

When preparing for a winter holiday on Sicily, carefully consider where you want to go and check out the offers for accommodation, transport and learn the required information about the work of museums and other attractions in advance. The fact is that some hotels, transport companies and other establishments connected with the tourism industry can work on a reduced schedule or even be closed for the winter period. While in such cities as Palermo, Taormina, Messina or Syracuse all establishments continue to work all year round, in small towns some tourist places can be closed for the winter time.

However, don’t get upset about it: in winter you can find great hotels, restaurants and other offers for tourists at a lower price than in the high season. By the way, you will find yourself in a very favorable position: hotel staffs will double their efforts to please you due to the decline in the number of guests in winter.

As for transport, you can rent a car in Palermo and travel at your own pace.

Fiat on the streets of Noto

Summing it up, Sicily is a great spot not only for summer holiday. Even in winter it features various activities to satisfy visitors of different needs. So, follow these tips to have a really breathtaking winter weekend on Sicily.