Where 7 Famous Bands Played Their First Gig

Everyone in the music industry knows the struggle of making it as a famous artist, especially when there are so many artists and bands already in the industry. Bands and musicians have no choice but to start from the bottom and work their way up. This includes playing in beaten down places or under strange conditions and still giving their all to the public. Seven examples come to mind when talking about first gigs that famous bands played at.

The show is exhibited by Australian artist Jimmy Barnes, who interviews craftsmen who have majorly affected Australian music about their persuasions and occasions of their professions, and thinking about their most punctual performances. The ten-section arrangement was recorded at Barnes’ home and incorporates a two part harmony amongst Barnes and the visitor toward the finish of every scene.

The Beatles have been recognized all over the world for their great music in the second half of last century. They also started at a small club in Germany called the Indra Club. They were exhausted by the time they were finished playing for four and a half hours in a crowded space. The sad thing about the gig was that someone from the neighboring apartments complained about the noise and forced them to turn down their music.

The Libertines had an embarrassing first gig. At Carl Barat and Pete Doherty’s basement, the electricity went out, but the band didn’t give up so easily and collected money in a hat to feed the meter while playing music the whole time.

The Smiths made their first appearance in Manchester with a shocking performance. At Hacienda nightclub, their vocalist threw confetti and yodeled while lying on the floor with his legs up.

The Pixies started out in Boston in ’86 in club Jack’s. Though their name was mistaken as “Puxies,” they made a good show for their little audience comprised of friends and family.

At Chequers Nightclub in Sydney, the famous heavy rock band, AC/DC, made their first appearance. It was New Year’s Eve of 1973. Apparently, the club manager had sensitive ears, as he was not very young, and cut off the power every so often just to relieve his aged eardrums.

SebastienTellier got off to a crazy start. In 2001 he began tour by opening for Air concert, but his music may have been too much for the amplifier as it exploded during his first song.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the famous Depeche Mode started their career at a school in Basildon. The first gig is also considered to have been there. The audience was a group of 9-year-olds who were fascinated by their sound and synthesizer.

In the industry it’s true that everyone must start off somewhere and example proves this statement to be true. Maybe the comical and sometimes even sad first gigs are a test to how badly an artist want to be successful with their music. Anyone can be happy with great gigs, but only true artists can be satisfied with gigs that sometimes come with hopeless situations.