Fashion In Colombia: A Look At The Styles Of The Colombians

Fashion In Colombia: A Look At The Styles Of The Colombians

Although Colombia has a lot of negative experiences in the past, the country is known for its beauty queens, its lavish beaches, and an awesome cuisine. However, a lot of people do not realize that Colombia is a home to one of the world’s known fashion capitals.

In the world of fashion, Colombia is a well-known entity. The country’s capital is Bogota. It is a known fashion capital which plays host to a lot of fashion events all throughout the year. The capital is also experiencing a rapid boom in development. Fashion in Colombia indeed is a trendsetter and will always remain a staple in the fashion world.

With that said, Here is an idea on how fashion looks like in the Country. Style in Colombia depends mainly on the weather. Colombians are known to dress for the various conditions that their city experiences.

This fact means that when you’re planning to fit in with the fashion sense of the locals, you have to prepare yourself for a lot of changing and adjusting. Here’s a look at the three cities and what to expect from their respective fashion scene.

Bogota – One of the World’s known Fashion Capitals

Due to the consistent weather in the capital, people living there experience temperatures of around 14°. The city is surprisingly cooler than most places in Colombia. A lot of individuals residing in Bogota are quite stylish and prefer to wear items such as jeans, short overalls, pleated trousers, slip-on sneakers, scarves, blazers, polo shirts, brogues, and jumpers.

Cartagena – The Caribbean Coast

Due to its proximity to the Caribbean, Cartagena experiences more humid temperatures of 24° to 33°. Known for being the Walled City, Cartagena is home to one of the largest ports in South America. People who are living in the walled city like wearing clothes for the summer such as drape tops, flats, maxi dresses, denim shorts, tank tops, laced sneakers, and blouses, just like the kind of clothings that you can see on some online fashion destinations like Seed Heritage.

Medellin – The Jewel of the Coffee Region

People in Medellin are more casual and are becoming more stylish than the other cities mentioned. For those who would want to fit right in with the fashionable locals, a good advice would be to add or remove layers depending on the weather conditions. Tourists and locals alike love wearing jeans, plain white shirts, sneakers, sandals, scarves, blouses, and long dresses.


Hailed as a failed narco-state, Colombia is slowly rising to the top of Latin America’s economic progress. Although the country had a negative image, the Fashion in the country continues to dazzle the world.

Bogota, the nation’s capital, is a known fashion capital of the world where a lot of high-profile fashion events happen. The port city of Cartagena also sees a rise in styles wherein people are more casual and open to any style that matches the weather.