Eye In The Sky: 5 Exciting Places For Helicopter Rides and Tours

Eye In The Sky: 5 Exciting Places For Helicopter Rides and Tours

A lot of people think of expensive holiday cruises in the Atlantic or spending lavish nights at a 5-star hotel in one of the most luxurious cities in the world as the best ways to spend a holiday trip. However, most are unaware that one of the best experiences they’ll ever get is an excellent look at the ground below: A helicopter ride.

Although helicopters can’t go as high and fast as commercial jets and airlines, these disadvantages against those big aircraft can play to the interests of the passengers on board helicopters. Slow may be an understatement, but there a lot of advantages a helicopter can do that planes can’t. For example, Helicopters or Choppers can safely come close to individual objects such as trees and large animals such as giraffes.

Choppers can also hover. All these advantages make up for an exciting adventure that a lot of people can call “The Perfect Getaway.” Of course, with those special abilities, a helicopter ride would turn into waste if the destination is dull. Here are some of the best places that can give you an exhilarating experience on a chopper.

Cape Town, South Africa

Ever heard of the saying, “Hitting two birds with one stone?” That ride is exactly what you’ll be able to experience when you fly over Cape Town in Africa. You can simultaneously get to experience both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean in just one awesome helicopter ride.

The view is simply amazing especially when you get the fly over Muizenberg Beach, where your chopper can hover close to the waters to have a personal encounter with the area’s famous Great White Sharks.

Everest Base Camp

Eye In The Sky: 5 Exciting Places For Helicopter Rides and Tours

Surely, getting to the top of Mt. Everest is a feat that will forever immortalize a person who gets there. However, an equally lasting memory is by going on a helicopter ride through the base camp of the world’s highest point. A tourist who goes on this journey will get to see that the majestic views of Mt. Everest isn’t just by mouth. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Eye In The Sky: 5 Exciting Places For Helicopter Rides and Tours

Get to experience the incredible wildlife freely roaming the savannahs of Kruger National Park in South Africa. Although they offer up close and personal encounters with wild animals such as lions, hyenas, and leopards, there’s only so much that these jeep rides offer when it comes having to face much larger creatures such as Elephants, Rhinos, and Giraffes.

Hawaii, United States of America

Eye In The Sky: 5 Exciting Places For Helicopter Rides and Tours

Most people think of surfing and sand when it comes to Hawaii. However, the lush ecosystems which result from ancient volcanic explosions are a treat for any tourist in a helicopter. Due to the rich soil from these eruptions, Hawaii is blessed with a teeming and healthy landscape.

Some of these lava flows are still active and can be safely seen in the comfort of a hovering chopper. In Hawaii, not only do you get a perfect look at the island’s famous beaches, you also get to experience flying over Keehi Lagoon and other famous places such as Oahu. Although it’s a good idea to experience it first hand by trekking or ground travel, most of these sites are only accessible via helicopter rides.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Eye In The Sky: 5 Exciting Places For Helicopter Rides and Tours

Here’s another great place to “hit two birds with one stone:” The Great Barrier Reef offers a great treat for those on helicopter tours. Micro Flite and other tour groups have special offers for tourists that they can’t refuse: Go on a chopper ride and diving into the waters from the helicopter!

Again, this place is perfect for those wanting a bit more action in their trips. You get to see the coral reefs and the marine life and getting to spend time up close with these marvels of nature.


The perfect getaway for some might be hikes, treks, and surfing. For some individuals, however, the best trip is going on exciting helicopter rides. Some of these sights, such as those in Hawaii are only accessible by boarding a chopper. Another example is the Safari helicopter trips in Kruger National Park. When on board such powerful machines, people get to experience a once in a lifetime moment.