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5 RV Road Trips It Isn’t Too Late To Take This Summer

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The summer is almost over unfortunately, but you still have a month to take one last scenic RV trip. Wherever you are in the country, there are new territories you have yet to discover, so take life by the neck and run with it.

Here are some places in particular that have great scenery, a lot of activities, or are excellent places to cross off your bucket list.

Laredo, Texas

Texas isn’t all cowboys and cacti. Travel to Laredo and take a stay at the Vaquero Village RV Park. While the town has plenty of things for you to fill your days with, the main reason you want to be there is the Lake Casa Blanca State Park, which is a hub for all outdoor summer activities. Swimming, water skiing, and fishing are all allowed here, and there’s great mountain bike and hiking trails nearby as well. It’s only a short drive from the Rio Grande river as well.

Newport, Oregon

When you hear of the Oregon Coast, what do you think of? The beach probably. Grab a stay at the KOA in Newport and take a trip out to the Newport beach for swimming, seashell finding, and some lighthouse visits. Make sure to check out the downtown area as well though – Newport has some notable art galleries and you can also explore their glass blowing and woodworking studios as well!

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Okay, so there’s really only one reason to RV to Lake Buena Vista, Florida, and that reason is Disney World. But specifically, you  RVers will want to go to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Not only can you park your RV here, but you can bring your pet, enjoy typical outdoor camping activities and then some archery or horseback riding anyone. And of course some great classic Disney themed fun, such as Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long, as well as Holiday Sleigh Rides, and Movies Under The Stars (of course, you will be watching Disney films) are programs they have that are fun for the family!

Bighorn Canyon, Montana

Look at this view. Most people who I’ve heard talk about Montana talk about how green it is or how you can go hiking and skiing. They don’t mention this giant canyon though! Afterbay Campground has 28 RV and tent sites nearby, and the overnight stays are very affordable! There are no RV hookups unfortunately, however, so be prepared for that. When you go there, campout, do a little swimming, and then when you’re ready you can hike up to Bighorn Canyon. Be warned though, there’s no drinking water up there so you need to be as prepared as possible!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you have never been to the Grand Canyon, this could be the perfect time! There are KOAs and other RV parks in the area, so you’re set on places to stay. Of course, the Visit Grand Canyon people have events going year round, and plenty of activities you can do to explore and experience the place (biking, hiking, a train that helps you explore it). This should be one of your bucket list items if you live in the United States, so get around to it when you can! Of course, there’s also options for dining and shopping so you can still get your tourist on when you’re doing your outdoor adventuring.

There are so many places in the United States you can spend your time RVing too, and these are only a few of them. One thing’s for certain though – the time to adventure and explore the great world around you is right now, so don’t waste time waiting for it!