Travel Souvenirs Your Kids Will Love

Travel Souvenirs Your Kids Will Love

Picking out a good travel souvenir for your kids can be tough sometimes. Although a pretty rock you collected from the beach may feel special to you, your kids likely won’t be as thrilled about it. So how do you decide on the perfect travel souvenir? Ideally, you want to pick out something that they’ll love and not just put aside and forget about.

It’s easy to spend too many hours browsing gift shops and coming up with nothing. Luckily, this list of travel souvenirs will make your search a lot quicker. Any of these gifts will put a huge smile on your child’s face.

Coloring World Map

It’s easy to get your kids excited about traveling with coloring maps. These maps are huge, roughly 6 feet by 3 feet. They will keep your child occupied for many hours, which is always a bonus! When they are all done coloring, they can hang it on their wall. It’ll give them a real sense of accomplishment and could inspire more artistic endeavors.

Foreign Candy

There is nothing like a sugary treat to bring a smile to your child’s face. Take the opportunity to introduce them to a different culture by getting them some foreign candy. Although it won’t last long, it is a sure way to win their hearts. It will also get them interested in other food cultures.

Foreign Money

If there is one thing children love to do, it’s act like they are already adults. Get them some foreign currency on your next trip. Most countries have especially gorgeous bills that are more like little works of art. Children love to fantasize about using the money one day and feeling rich. You don’t have to tell them that it’s actually only worth a nickel. It’s an easy souvenir to pack in your purse or wallet, so you know it won’t get lost. It’s a perfect gift because you won’t exactly need to win the lottery to be able to afford to bring back a pocketful of spare change from a foreign country that will wow your youngsters.

Travel Posters

Kids love to decorate their rooms with new things. Custom-made posters are always a great gift. Tomas Design has colorful and modern designs your children are sure to enjoy. The designer has a lot of cities and images to choose from, so you can personalize the gift for your travel experience. Safely framed and hung on the wall, it will likely be in their lives for a long time.