A Self-Driving Holiday In Australia – Pure Adventure & Excitement

If you and your family are thinking of changing your annual holiday destination and you fancy something a little different to the regular package of resort, sun, and sand, a self-driving holiday has much to offer. Many Australian families own a motorhome and they use this as a base for their holidays, and with so many exciting and unique routes available, there is something for everyone. This really is a holiday experience with a difference, as hiring a campervan gives you the freedom to explore this amazing land at your leisure, and with no program to follow or transport to wait for, you are in complete control over where you go and how long you stay.

The Vehicles

For the locals, self-driving holidays have always been the preferred way to explore the vast wilderness, and there is a wide range of vehicles that cater for up to 8 people. A motorhome is typically larger than a campervan, although the two terms are frequently used to describe either, but all of the vehicles are fully equipped with everything a camping family could possibly need, and more. There are reliable online companies that offer affordable Campervan hire in Australia, with a range of top quality units of varying sizes, you can select something suitable, make a booking and the campervan will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.

Fully Functional Accommodation

A modern motorhome is not dissimilar to a bungalow, with a double bed, dining area and a fully functional kitchen. The vehicle would have two heavy duty batteries to ensure you always have adequate power, and with a shower and toilet facilities, you really are independent when on the road. A DVD player and a state of the art in car stereo means you can listen to your favourite tracks, or tune into the local radio and get traffic updates, and with A/C and heating, you will always be comfortable.


Once you have decided to experience Australia on the road, the next step is to source a reliable campervan hire company. Ideally, you should be looking for a large company with many branches across the country, as this will enable you to pick up the vehicle at one depot and when you arrive at your final destination, you can leave the vehicle at the nearest branch. The hire company would have an easy to navigate website, full of useful information about Australia, with details of the many popular routes. There would also be a list of the facilities and equipment that is supplied with each vehicle, which makes planning so much easier. A majority of the things you would need are provided with the vehicle, so you really don’t need to bring much more than your personal effects.

There are many campsites in all regions of the country, and with all the facilities available, parking up for the night in a different campsite is the ideal way to travel around. The campervan rental company would help you to plan your holiday, and with the freedom of the open road and plenty of time, your holiday experience will be one you remember forever.