5 Places to Go Within an Easy Drive of Las Vegas

Although most people who go to Las Vegas have the city as their final destination, it can be a great starting point for a longer trip. If you’re staying in Las Vegas, there are several day trips that you can take to visit national parks, man-made wonders, and large cities. Here are some of the places that you can go within a short distance of Vegas.

Los Angeles

If you’ve never been to Los Angeles, it’s only a short drive from Las Vegas. You will spend about four-and-a-half hours in the car but the trip is well worth it, especially if you’ve never had the chance to see an ocean. While in Los Angeles, you could take a Hollywood tour, visit movie studios, or just chill on the beach in Venice or Santa Monica.

Laughlin, NV

Laughlin is considered a miniature Las Vegas and many people travel to this smaller city whenever they feel the urge to gamble. It sits on the banks of the Colorado River so they have a nice river walk area and you can go boating in the water or, if you’re a biker, you could visit during the annual Laughlin River Run, which is the largest motorcycle rally on the West Coast. It lasts for five days and takes place at the end of April. Laughlin is only an hour-and-a-half away from Vegas.

Zion National Park

This Utah park doesn’t get the attention or traffic that some of the other parks in the Southwest do but it’s a beautiful place to visit. It is located about 160 miles northeast of Sin City so it is only a short drive away from the gaming tables to this outdoor paradise. Whether you live in Las Vegas or are on vacation, you could take advantage of deals for camper rentals in Las Vegas, travel in comfort, and spend a night or two in the park.

Hoover Dam

This 81-year-old dam is considered one of the top ten construction achievements of the 20th century. It is only about 35 miles south of Las Vegas so the trip should take less than an hour. Driving across the dam, you will cross over into Arizona, which is a stop that many people make for a picture. There are tours of the dam and its power plant available and you can buy souvenirs for your friends or enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at the park.

Calico Ghost Town

During the Gold Rush to California, many prospectors stopped in Nevada hoping to find riches. Many of them did but instead of finding gold, they found many silver mines. Unfortunately, the silver was overmined and entire cities quickly became ghost towns, with Calico being one of them. Calico, which is located about 145 miles from Las Vegas, provides an interesting place to stop on the road to Los Angeles. Eat lunch, visit the shops, and tour the city on your break.

You can visit one of these places to get away from the city even if it’s only for an afternoon.