Door to Door – The Digital Revolution

If you are old enough, you will no doubt remember how much effort was involved in purchasing items. Aside from your milk, coal, and newspaper, everything else had to be sourced and purchased at the store. As time passed, transportation became more advanced and shopping became a pleasant experience, and things pretty much stayed like that, until the turn of the millennium. Digital technology teamed up with the Internet to produce an entirely new marketplace, and this meant door to door service.

The Takeaway Business

This is a good example of how things have moved on. The name “Take Away” implies that the customer visits the premises, orders their food, and takes it away. That was the way of things for many years, and the place to go when the pub closed was always the Chinese takeaway, which happened to be just round the corner. If you fancied a Chinese takeaway in Bristol, for example, you would have to somehow get to the takeaway shop, and with the British weather, this wasn’t always practical. The Internet has changed the way we live, and ordering food online is a common practice with many families and single people using the service.

Wide Range of Cuisines

Chinese and Indian takeaways are imprinted into the British culture, and while they are both still very popular, recent additions include the following:

  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Indonesian
  • Thai

Other parts of the world are also represented, and all have easy to navigate websites that offer a 24 hour delivery service in their respective area. Delivery is usually free and regular customers will typically have discounts and special bonuses, and they boast impressive delivery times.

Online Shopping

The number of people who regularly buy products online is growing exponentially, and with smartphone technology, you can order on the move at any time of day or night, from any location. Door to door delivery is expected and the logistics industry is well geared up for the steady growth, with global courier services that guarantee fast deliveries to any destination. Whatever you are looking to purchase, it will be available online, and with no retail space to lease, or sales people to hire, the supplier can offer the lowest prices.

The Future

The logistics industry is going through major changes, and recently, Amazon UK announced they made their first delivery by drone, which will soon become the norm. Small drones can easily deliver items that weigh no more than 10kg, and the drone itself would take off from the roof of a truck, which would be parked a few kilometres from the delivery address. Initially, it seems that small drones will be used in conjunction with the regular vehicles, as the range will be rather limited, but expect to see more of these amazing flying devices in the future.

The experts predict that online shopping will become the most popular way to buy goods, and with supermarkets already making door to door deliveries, the future has almost arrived.