Take Tours To Explore Barcelona

Taking a tour when visiting a city is a great way to see as much of the area as you can in just a day or two. There are many types of tours that you can experience including bus, walking, cycling, and educational tours. If you’re visiting Barcelona, here are some of the ways you can explore the city by taking a tour.

City Bus Tours

There are usually bus tours in most large cities around the world and Barcelona is no exception. You can book bus tours to go around different areas of the city to see the sites and learn a bit about their history. Another type of bus tour that you can take is a “hop on, hop off” tour.

This Barcelona city tour has two interconnected bus routes so you can hop off one bus and onto the other whenever you like. The tour can be booked for one or two days and the pass allows you to hop on and off as much as you want. It is a good way to be taken around to all the sites and get off the bus to visit places such as the old section of the city at Las Ramblas, go the beach, or visit the FC Barcelona stadium to see a game during football session.

Bicycle and Walking Tours

If you’d rather be more active when you tour the city, you can book half-day bicycle or walking tours to see the sites. Most of these tours are guided so you will not only see La Catedral, Placa del Rei, and many other sites but the local guide will tell you about their history and answer questions that you may have about the area of the city you’re visiting. He or she can also help you order snacks or buy gifts from locals in the many markets you’ll pass.

There is a “skip the line” tour of the Pablo Picasso Museum which allows you to skip ahead of tourists trying to get inside the building. In addition, there is a walking tour that takes the group to the places in the city which were important to the artist. This includes his homes, the art school he attended, and the café where he liked to spend his time.

Foodie Tours

One of the many benefits of travelling to other countries is trying the foods of their cultures. Many cities now have tours tailored to people known as foodies who love to try new foods and who may want to learn how to cook them. A foodie tour in Barcelona may include an evening walking tour visiting the tapas bars to experience what is considered bar food and can be paired with wine, beer, or cider at each location.

Along with eating the food you’ll find, some tours include classes about how to cook Spanish dishes such as paella. Whether you like food, wine, art, or old architecture, you should be able to find tours of the city to enjoy as you visit and explore Barcelona.