Know The Indonesian Cultural Diversity

Unitary Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with more than 18,000 islands islands. The total area of ​​5,193,252 km2 reaching these are on the Equator with a tropical climate make Indonesia biodiverse very much. Indonesia was ranked 4th in the largest population in the world.

Indonesia’s population is composed of various ethnic groups, which have various regional languages. Therefore it is fitting educators brazing state motto “Unity in Diversity” meaning “different though still one nevertheless. To learn and know more about the cultures in Indonesia, you can see at “what is culture“.

Indonesian state has a variety of diverse cultures. The culture is reflected in the local language, local arts, folk songs, dances, traditional houses, traditional weapon, traditional musical instruments, and various other artistic activities. Here I will explain more about what the cultural diversity found in Indonesia


In Indonesia there are more than 660 local languages ​​used by the population of Indonesia. In Papua, there are about 250 local languages ​​are used everyday. Maluku Province, there are about 233 local languages, in Sulawesi, there are about 105 local languages. In Kalimantan, there are 77 languages, as well as 53 regional languages ​​used by the people of West Nusa Tenggara. While in Sumatra, there are 38 regional languages, and 9 regional languages ​​developed in Java and Bali. Some of the local language that we know, for example Javanese, Sundanese, Batak language, Bahasa Makassar, Language Padang, Native Papua, Bahasa Sasak, Bahasa Madura, Language Semawa, Bahasa Bali, Bahasa Banjar, Bahasa Bugis, Malay Minangkabau, Betawi, and many more.


Indonesia is a country that has such a unique variety of dance, music, visual arts, and theater arts. Art regions in Indonesia was highly appreciated by people abroad. Even foreign people also learn Indonesian traditional arts such as dance, sinden, playing musical instruments typical of the region in Indonesia, and even sang folk songs. We should be proud and grateful that our nation Indonesia-art art until abroad. We are also at least learn to know and understand what is contained in the local arts in each region throughout Indonesia.

Diversity of culture in Indonesia is extremely envy of other nations. Although the cultures of various regions are different and have a variety of distinctive character and yet they live in harmony and peace with each other. Actually a lot of tribes in Indonesia which has a variety of traditions, typical, and the arts that we do not know.