Airport Parking With Exciting Extra Service

If you were going to use a rather worn advertising phrase, you might say that this is not your father’s airport parking service: in fact, there’s much more to it. Parking is still the specialty, but there are a lot of other benefits to using this parking location at the airport in Brisbane. If you are thinking about valet service or 24-hour security, you’re getting close.

But there is still something to add. Of course, your vehicle will be securely parked at this off-airport parking complex only a few minutes from the terminal. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. You have the convenience of free shuttle service to and from all terminals. What more could you ask for when you are traveling by air?

Extra Services

For nearly 20 years, Brisbane airport parking has been a bit different than at many other locations, simply because one individual established a service that went beyond what others were offering. Now, this leading provider excels in customer service and smart management, and offers extras that are not available just anywhere.

When you park here, you benefit from two decades of experience, with a company that has grown to offer thousands of car spaces and to employ dozens of individuals. What are those extras that make this location so much different? You only have to take a quick look at the website to see that this business offers airport parking, 24-hour security, courtesy shuttles, car cleaning, and vehicle service/repairs.

When you park your car here the focused staff will, at your request, complete a basic outside wash for your car, or even perform full detailing, including steam-cleaning and polishing. All this can take place when you return from your holiday or business trip, so you head home in a car that is sparkling clean. If you would like to have something more, they also offer a range of service and repair options, all of which can be completed while you are traveling.


All work is completed by qualified technicians and is guaranteed. You can select their “A” service, which includes oil change, fluid check and top-up, oil filter change, brake inspection and adjustment, and engine belt adjustment. You also receive a 50-point vehicle inspection and report, with road test. “B” service includes all of the above plus spark-plug replacement and tune up, air filter cleaning if required, fuel and line check, wheel rotation and balance if required, and road test.

Repairs offered (by agreement) include engine, radiator, upholstery, body panels, alloys, and windscreens. Prices are quoted after inspection by a qualified technician, so you will always know what your cost will be. This full-service plan has garnered a number of trade awards over the years, including several customer service awards.

When you leave your vehicle with this Brisbane parking service, you have access to service that takes the concept to a whole new level. Their commitment to develop and maintain the best service team possible remains one of their highest priorities.