Travel Insurance – Why Pay More?

Travel Insurance – Why Pay More

Whenever you go abroad, whether it is for a well-deserved holiday, or an important business trip, travel insurance is essential. That being said, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and modern brokers are able to find the right insurers at the right prices, saving you money. We all have different requirements for travel insurance, some people have an existing medical condition, while others are in their later years, and particularly vulnerable. You might want to take part in extreme sports, or are about to embark on a rafting holiday down the Amazon River, whatever your reason for the trip, you will require the right insurance.

Tailored Solutions

Now Travel specialise in lower cost travel insurance policies by tailoring the policy to suit the client. There isn’t much point in having extreme sports cover if you are not going to partake, is there? A reputable broker would have an association with many insurers, and by comparing quotes, they can get you a cheaper deal. Family travel policies are ideal for that summer getaway, and if all the family members are fully covered, everyone can relax and enjoy the holiday experience.

A Detailed Account

Your broker would ask you a few questions, about your medical history, age, and reason for travelling, and once they have all the information they need, they will find the best priced insurance for you. If you have an existing medical condition, for example, it is always best to tell your broker about this. It might be that it does not affect the cost of the policy, but by making sure, you are avoiding the nightmare scenario when a person’s travel insurance doesn’t cover their pre-existing medical condition.

A Range of Policies

An established broker would be able to provide insurance to cover any situation, so if you are in your nineties, and thought it impossible to get insurance, think again, because modern brokers can source an insurer for any situation. If you require further reading on the subject on travel insurance, here is an interesting article that highlights what could go wrong if you travel uninsured.

A Competitive Market

One of the reasons why a broker can obtain such big discounts is they compare quotes from different insurers, and very often, one will drop their price, in order to get the business. This means lower prices for the customer, and with a solid reputation in the industry, a broker would only deal with established insurers. The Internet allows you to instantly receive a quote for a specific type of trip, anywhere in the world, and with a range of payment options, taking out a policy is a breeze. So, before you decide to take off this winter to warmer climes, contact an online travel insurance broker, and save yourself some money.

Annual Policies

If you and your family are frequent travellers, it might pay to take out an annual travel insurance policy, as this covers multi-trips, meaning you can go whenever the fancy takes you, and not have to worry about insurance. Whatever your travel insurance needs, an online broker can source the right insurance at the best possible price.