How To Get Wildlife Tour Package Of Sundarban?

Sundarbans – A Land of Diversity

Sundarban is located in the southern most part of the State of West Bengal in India. It has the highest collection of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The mangrove forest was declared as the World’s Heritage Site in 1985. The Sundarban National Park is both a Biosphere Reserve and a Tiger Reserve in the delta of Sundarban. The dense forest in Sundarban makes it an ideal place for the species of tiger called Royal Bengal Tiger. It is place for ongoing ecological processes.

There are various package tour companies that provide customized Package Tours for Sundarban, at affordable rates. The package tours will take you on a cruise in the deep creeks, fishermen coves, villages and through this land of mysterious forests. The Sundarban travel covers:

  • Sajnekhali- a interpretation centre
  • Dobanki- a rehabilitation centre for the deer
  • Bhagatpur- a crocodile project centre
  • Netidhopani – the site for a 300 years old temple
  • Sudhanyakhali- a tiger spotting watch tower

Why Travel to Sundrabans?

Sundarban is famous for its natural collection of mangrove trees. The mangrove trees are salt tolerant and breathes through its vertical roots on the ground. A  Sundarban tour will expose you to all the species of mangrove such as Sundari, Champa, Golpati, Garjam, Dhundul, Kankra, Keora and Garan and more such species.

The best attraction for the tourist in the Sundarban is the national animal of India, the Royal Bengal Tiger. If your luck is favorable, you may get a glimpse of this special tiger species, while taking a Sundarban Package tour. It is a sad phenomena, that over the years this predator has turned into a man-eater for areas where it is unable to find the animals preys like wild boars, spotted deer(Chital), goats, monkeys and other smaller creatures. A glimpse of other species of animals like spotted deer(Chital), estuarine crocodile, king cobra, green seas turtle and olive ridley turtle and the otter are obtained.

Moreover, Sundarban is the heaven for the ornithologists and the bird watchers. The land is known for its biological diversity and the migratory routes over the lush green forests and the salty river beds. It has a wide range of fauna and 260 species of birds. The migratory birds pass through the World Heritage acclaimed National Park and make this an ideal spot for the bird watchers.

Reaching Sundarban from Kolkata

Sundarban is accessible by air, road, water way and by rail.

Airways: The distance between Sundarban and the nearest airport is 114 km and the Sundarban Package Tour provider generally provides with a pickup and drop facility till the airport, through SUVs, tempos and luxury coaches.

Roads: The Most amazing form of Sundarban travel is a long drive through the Basanti Expressway or the Baruipur- Canning State High way. The preference for many Sundarban Tour operators is the Basanti Expressway, due to safety and comfortable journey.

Waterway: A luxury cruise from Kolkata in MV Paramhamsa lands you up in Sundarbans. It has all the basic amenities and facilities. Mouthwatering dishes of your choice are served in this cruise.

Railways: The less crowded, early morning trains are preferred by the tour operators from Sealdah station to Canning, nearest station to Sundarban.

Best Time for the Sundarban Package Tour

Sundarban Tour

The tourists are advised not to take a Sundarban Package Tour, between the months of March to September. The onset of the monsoon brings heavy rainfall with thunderstorm and lighting in this area. Most of the rivers swell and cross the danger limits, providing a flood like situation. The scorching heat in the summer makes it unbearable.

The best season for the Sundarban Tour is in the winter season, October to March. It is indeed a thrilling experience to travel through the creeks, in a foggy winter climate. The temperature is amicable and you will enjoy every part of the World Heritage site. Enjoy the enchanting forest with your Sundarban travel.