Varanasi – The Last Surviving City With Age-old Hindu Practices and Beliefs

Regardless of you being a Hindu or not, if you live in India, or are in India for a trip, Varanasi is one place you should definitely visit once in your life! This ancient holy city will give you a deep insight in the bizzare beliefs and practices of the orthodox Hindus.

The city of temples or Banaras (as it is prominently known), is a heavenly city on the banks of the River Ganga. Said to have been found by Lord Shiva, this city has massive verifiable and also religious significance. Not only a spot where travelers throng to visit the temples, Varanasi is additionally the destination where a great many people come to spend their last days as it is trusted that a man who bites the dust in this holy place can achieve salvation. Varanasi is one of the most seasoned Hindu pilgrimage sites of the world and hands down the biggest in India. Its restricted paths are loaded with temples, small eatery outlets and cows and bulls standing in the middle of the road causing a road block. The city is usually approached by train, however, you can always catch the Delhi to Varanasi flights.

Drawing in over a million travelers consistently, the city lives and inhales customary Hindu religion and practises. This is a city that hums with movement; a city that is not only a dead hill of history. What Varanasi offers is life itself, in bunch shades like the changing face of its ghats (stream arrivals) with moving beams of light. The various ghats along the Ganga, the limited back roads and avenues with a blend of rickshaws, cycles, auto rickshaws, people on foot and even cows and the religious places of worship all shape a strange bazaar. The faithful come to bite the dust here, yet it is likewise an amazingly enthusiastic spot. Well known for its religious intensity as much as its hooligans (cheats), Varanasi is additionally the spot that has evoked probably the most inventive procedures in theory, religion, expressions of the human experience and craftsmanship.

Ram Leela and Dhrupad Mela are festivities that are extremely fascinating and well known amongst voyagers and local people alike. The Ram Leela is an institution of the Ramayana and continues for an a whole month amid October-November, while the Dhrupad Mela is a 5 day musical celebration held in March, performed on the Tulsi Ghat and went to by eminent artistes.

Varanasi is the one place left in India where you will see the age-old hindu orthodox practises. You will come across bizarre and disturbing sights for which you will have no explanation to for yourself. The scenes you come across the streets and city roads will make your feel as if a movie has come to live before you or you are walking inside a novel of pre-independence India. All these and more will make you either fall in love with Varanasi, or at the least, leave you intrigued.