Surfing Experience in South Africa

For people who visit South Africa for the first time. Things can be quite overwhelming for them. However, we will immediately notice the friendly attitude and warmth reception of the locals. The country has been known as a perfect place for surfers. It is blessed by some of the most consistent and exciting surfs the world has to offer. The weather can be mild or warm, depending on the time of the year. The cold front flows constantly from southern Atlantic, producing endless flows of wind. There are numerous premier surf spots in the country, including Bruce’s Beauties, Victory Bay, Seal Point and Jeffrey’s Bay. When we go to South Africa, we should make sure that we are accompanied by locals who have proper knowledge about great surfs in the area.

Worldwide surfers typically stay in lodges near the popular beaches and luxurious hotels are not always available in the area. The tour in the area can remain personal and in some cases, it is possible for surfers to find that they are nearly all alone on the beach. Before visiting the country, we should check when the surfs are more active during the year. As an example, Muzuimbrug is known for its popular waves, with very consistent, rolling movements. Nearby, there’s the Cape Point Nature reserve, with boulder beach and wild penguins. For added adrenaline jolt, there are also some bungee jumping venues in the country. All the wonderful offerings in South Africa should be able to get us stoked and we should be ready for what lies ahead.

The Mossel Bay should also be ideal for a perfect surf session, without varying intensity of waves, depending on the time of the year or time of the day. The solid winter swell in the area can be quite challenging and enormous. Nearby, there’s the Garden Route with its breathtaking scenery. Surfers will immediately be sighed with disbelief at the wonderful panorama and views of the surrounding. For dinner, we could dive for some tasty crayfish and we can grill these big prawns using local ingredients and condiments. The Buffalo Bay Point is another spot where we can find the best swell in the country. In the right conditions, we can many superlative elements of the area. We should be able to find a gentle, long surf, which provides steady flow for surfers with different skill levels.

We should be able to spend a few days surfing at Albatros, Point, Tibes, J-Bay, Salad Bowls, Supertubes and Boneyards. After one week of continuous surfing, it could become very tired for us to continue. It will be time for us to go home and be thankful for the wonderful things that South Africa has given us. There’s more than enough excitements for travellers in South Africa, we could also choose paragliding, sky diving and shark diving. In general, we should find South Africans are friendly and great bunch. Their friendship will stay for years to come and rekindled when we visit the country again.