Low Cost Vacation in New York

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world and it is definitely a location that we need to visit. Unfortunately, New York is known for its high cost of living, which has an impact on our trip in the city. There are many places that we can visit without spending a lot of money. Central Park is a unique place, because it is a green, wooded areas. In the middle of a very bustling city, the Central Park is an 8000-acre of greenery that we should visit. During the day, it is a great place to visit, even during winter. We may easily just stroll in the park and the surrounding can be incredibly romantic. There are many things that we can see and do at Central Park. Parents go to the park with their children to play ball or simply have a picnic. Travellers could go to the convenience store and purchase some affordable snacks and beverages while sitting in the area. There are many benches in the park where people can visit. The Central Park zoo and Tisch Children’s Zoo are great places to visit for children under three, they are free.

The Staten Island Ferry allows us to see the impressive view of the iconic New York harbour. It is a 25-minute ride, from Staten Island to Manhattan, back and forth. The greatest thing about it is that the boat ride is completely free. However, locals also use the boat as a transportation alternative, so we should avoid peak and rush hours. Times Squares could be among the most touristy areas in the New York, but it is completely free. People could be left in awe after seeing so many high advertising boards and lights in the area. After enjoying the glittering lights during the dusk, we could enjoy the window shopping and then find places for dinner. The next day, we should wake early enough in the morning and go to the Rockefeller Plaza. Each day, NBC’s Today Show is hosted live from the building. Other than allowing ourselves to be captured by the camera at the background, we could also watch New York at the observation deck. For breakfast, we could go to the food court in the building that overlooks the ice skating rink. After a filling breakfast, we could continue to go to other low-cost areas in the city.

The St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a gothic-styled structure made from white marble and it has a great architecture, marble sculptures and stained glass windows. It is a generally a great place to visit and should provide us with a sense of calm. Next, we should go to the Brooklyn Bridge and it is an old suspension bridge. It connects the Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn; spanning over the East River. We could also use the water taxi to go to Manhattan directly. For lunch, we could head to South Street Seaport and it is the place where Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” was filmed. It is a place with great architecture and surrounding. There are many eating places in the area.