Low-Cost Destinations in Seoul

There are many low-cost destinations that we can find in the capital of South Korea, the Cheonggyecheon or Cheonggye Stream, is a good place that we can visit. The long stream stretches across the big city, allowing us to see colourful nights and serene conditions at night. The local government restored the function of the stream in 2005. It is now a good place to visit, allowing us to play cosily with water and admire the surrounding areas. It is a really impressive experience spending our time in this location. There are objects that we can find at the Cheonggye Stream, such as the wishing wall, grand fountain, sculpture, active aquatic life and many others. During the full moon, we can visit the Gwangtong Bridge at night and enjoy the surrounding.

Namdaemun and Dongdaemun are also low-cost destinations that we can visit. Both are shopping areas that are located near the Cheonggye stream. Both are considered among the most popular flea markets in the city. Dongdaemun means the Great East Gate, while Namdaemun is Great South Gate. We should be able to experience the place with all of our senses. We can see the taste, smell and sights of the local food. We can feel the people and hear the trade. Items on wholesale are available at Namdaemun, located at thousands of vendors, stores and shops. There are many things that we can purchase in these areas, such as masks, fans, keychains, Korean dolls and various traditional items. Popular street foods including tteokpokki and odeng. However, both markets are closed on Sunday. But, if we are able to visit them, we could be particularly impressed by the endless offering of stuff. There are dozens of shopping malls in the location and among the most popular are Doosan Tower and Migliore. We can find products, such as electrical supplies, house items, souvenirs, shoes and clothing.

The Han River of Hangang is a large river located near the city. During the afternoon, we could enjoy the sight of the city and feel the fresh breeze. We can see many interesting buildings near the river bank, such as the 63 Building, Seoul Tower and many others. The Han River should provide us with incredible experience for relaxation, sightseeing, sports activities and many others. It is possible for use to take plenty of snapshots on the river. It is the place where we can fully enjoy the landmarks of Seoul. We can do many activities, such as roller skating, running, biking and playing Frisbee. The bridge could brightly show plenty of colourful lights, perhaps more that we can imagine. Lining p the river, we should be able to find many street foods that provide us with real taste of South Korean culture. The cost for enjoying this destination is completely free. If we have enough budget, it is a good idea to try the available ferry cruise and we should board it during the morning, ended with lunch at riverside restaurants.