Jungle Adventure in Peru

Peru is blessed with so many wonderful jungles and it is a good idea for us to go there. First, we should know where we need to go from the capital, Lima. Our next destination should be Huancayo, a medium-sized city located more than 11,000 feet above sea level. From here, we could purchase some supplies for the jungle trip. Ask locals about the best route depending on the time of the year. Many people spend New Year’s day at the mountainous region of Peru to watch the rising sun. The area should be reasonably cool, but we should be aware that occasional rain could make things wetter and freezing. After spending one night in the jungle, a breakfast of scrambled egg and some bread would be quite filling.

Peru is located at the Southern hemisphere, so it would be quite warm in December and January. Before leaving, we should make sure to report to the local authority about our intention to venture to the jungle and at what date we should return. Travel is a great adventure in Peru and the jungle trip should be a no exception. It is a good idea to leave Huancayo with a local guide who knows the area. After returning to Huancayo, we could take another bus drive higher up the mountain. The 5 hours ride should bring us to a 15,000 feet pass and when we head down to the canyon, we should reach Pichanaki, a central jungle area. We will go down further and things will get noticeably warmer.

In Shankivironi, we should be able to take a short jungle hike. We could explore the area for about two hours in the afternoon to enjoy the surrounding. The next day, we may see some waterfalls, however, we should be careful, because it could start raining. When travelling jungle, we should bring ponchos made from plastic, waterproof sheet. One of the waterfalls at Shankivironi has a secret cave and we could find an arrow that points towards the falls. In this case, we could wade out into the falls and there’s actually a cave under the waterfalls. We should be able to wade in and go behind the water and playing some water. The water should be quite warm, during the day. So, it is important to avoid swimming in the afternoon, especially when it is raining.

When swimming in waterfall, we should know that the current can be quite strong. So, it is important to make sure that we are skilled swimmers before we dive deeper. There should be some shallow pots where we could get enough rest. After the jungle and waterfall excursion, it is a good time to return to Lima, through Pichanaki again. Then, when we finally reach Lima, we could explore the city before we go out of the country. There are plenty of landmarks that we can go to and many local dishes that we can try. This should be an overall, exciting experience. We should make sure that we have enough preparation before going forward with the plan, because any jungle trip can be quite risky.