How Women Should Explore Bangkok at Night?

Bangkok is a wonderful place to visit and it has a vibrant nightlife. There are many thousands of travellers who enjoy travelling through the city every night. However, Bangkok seems to have a somewhat male-oriented nightlife. There are obviously options for women travellers, if they could find one. There are many things that we can find in this South East Asian city. If it is the first time in the region, we should be able to find many unique flavours. We can enjoy various shopping experiences, historical sights and famed temples. However, it is important to not travelling through the city after 10PM local time. Women travellers should stick at more crowded areas of Bangkok. The city is relatively safe, especially if we find many family-based locations in the area.

When in Bangkok, women can shop till they drop during night time. There are many markets and shopping malls int the city. In fact, some of the markets could stay open until the middle of the night or longer. This is especially true in the more touristy areas. However, once again, single women should avoid spending time in Bangkok until late at night. One of the more interesting night market in the city is Patpong and it is definitely a wonderful experience. Instead of going to those girlie bars, we should get the chance to find the quiter and more sedate areas of the night market. As an example, we could go to the Suan Lam Night Bazaar, which is located near the Lumpini park. We should be able to find plenty of eateries in the area and we will also be able to enjoy a bit of live music.

The Central World Shopping Complex and the Siam Paragon is also a good place to visit. We could also go to the Emporiu or the Gaysorn Plaza if we enjoy a more upscale shopping experience. Regardless of what style of shopping we choose, Bangkok should provide us with immensely exciting shopping experience. The Siam Paragon is a good place to visit with your family, since it has a big aquarium. Many people go to Bangkok to purchase the Thai silk. For this purpose, we may consider going to the Jim Thompson Stores that offer unique and high quality apparel for tourists. The Chauchak weekend market is must see area for women travellers. There are more than 15,000 stalls in the market and it is probably the biggest in the world.

After spending nearly the whole shopping, it would be a good idea to enjoy ourselves in local restaurants. Food is available in Bangkok all night long. Many food stalls and eating places stay open until dawn. There are many eateries that we can find in Central World, The Emporium and Siam Paragon. So, we should choose the best restaurant based on our unique taste and preference. However, it is suggested that we try the local delicacy, because it is something that we can’t find in our home country. Authentic Thai food often tastes different than what we find back home.