Travelling in Bulgaria

There are many places that we can visit in Bulgaria. There are archeological, cultural and natural landmarks that we can find in the country. There are so many things that the country could immediately offer to us. We can find towns, mountains and caves around the country. Bulgaria is known for its mountains, such as the Stara Planina, Vitosha, Rhodope, Pirin and Rila. The Musala mount is the highest point in the country. Salzata is the highest lake, with its perfectly oval shape and clear water. The Trigrad gorge is the most famous in the country, located near the Rhodope mount. It has impressive vertical marble rocks and picturesque surroundings. Another favourite place that we should visit is the Erma River and it should be visited by any nature lover. The river is best visited from Tran, a small town near the western border of the country. There are also many wonderful caves that we can visit in Bulgaria, especially if we are very fond of the country’s landmark and natural attractions.

Some of the most popular caves in the country include Yagodina, Bacho Kiro, Magura, Ledenika and the Devil’s Throat. The latter is a 1-km long cave and locals call it Dyavolskoto Garlo. Inside, we can find a huge cascade of 60-m waterfalls. The Yagodina cave is the longest in the Balkan region and it is 10-km long. There are many labyrinths and abysses inside this cave. In fact, it is a 5-story natural structure. The Maguracave is known for its ancient cave painting by pre-historic Europeans, probably around 7000 years ago. We can find plenty of dance and hunting scenes. If we visit Bulgaria during the summer, we should visit its summer resorts. The most popular one is probably the Golden Sands, which is preferred by younger visitors. It is a never-sleeping beach town and there are many activities that we can see. Bulgaria offers a great surrounding for our summer holiday.

We may also find various architectural reserves in the country, such as the Tsarevets. We should visit these places if we want to know more about the rich history and culture of Bulgaria. There are many ethnographic centers, monasteries, churches and museums that we can visit. Tsaverets is located at a hill near Veliko Tarnovo, at northern region of Bulgaria. It is an imposing stronghold from the medieval era and an important fortress in the era of Second Bulgarian empire. There are royal palaces and patriarchal structures behind its high walls. Gabrovo is located near the Valiko Tarnovo and it is where we can visit an open air museum that provides a view of the local traditions, culture and craftsmanship. Plovdiv is a city that we should visit due to its rich historical architectural complex. There are many remains that we can find, such as the Roman stadium and amphitheatre. The museum is exhibiting more than 40,000 objects related to crafts, agriculture, art, textile, musical instruments and others.