Reasons Travellers Are Robbed

Robbery could happen to any travellers and this unfortunate incident could actually be avoided. When we go to a new area, it is important that avoid flashing our money. Money should be placed in different places, such as in two of the front pants pockets, purse and others. It is a bad idea to keep our money one big wad of cash. Even if we put it in a secure place, it is likely that people will see that we are handling a significant amount of money. We will appear quite presumptuous and vendors will think badly of us if we have bargained hard on the item that we want to buy. Many countries that we visit may still have plenty of poor people, so it is important to avoid making them feel bad and perhaps even, envious. If others in the market see that, it is likely that they will increase the price of their products and they won’t respond well to our haggling attempts. When giving money to someone, we should try to give them small bills. It means that we will need to exchange the currency to smaller amount of money.

Many tourists are often lost when visiting a large city. This is a normal thing, but it is a big mistake if we let ourselves to look lost. This could send out a message that we are complete foreigners and we can be robbed. We should stick to well-lighted locations and ask directions from store owners and police officers. If we plan to visit a large city, make sure that we have a smartphone that is equipped with GPS navigation. It is less likely that we will get lost, because navigations apps could provide recommended routes, as well as telling us about our current locations. At night, we could check the navigation app and learn about the best routes that we should choose. We can also survey the route by using the Street View feature, so we could expect what we to see during our trip. We could also perform research about areas that we need to avoid, especially during night. In many large cities, there are slum and crime-ridden areas that foreigners and tourists shouldn’t visit. We should have a proper plan on when we go to specific destinations and then return to hotel safely.

The surest way of being targeted by looking, dressing and acting like tourists. It is important to wear geeky tourist clothes, such as knit hats and embroidered shirts. We shouldn’t also wear big hiking boots when going to the city. Our best bet is by dressing like normal individual or like locals. It is also important to not wearing anything that can be seen inappropriate for specific occasion and event. As a tourist, we are not expected to dress up. It is true that some clubs and restaurants don’t allow us to wear inappropriate clothing. In this case, we should try to find a proper balance. It is also a bad idea carrying expensive, huge cameras all the time and in full sight. Many affordable smartphones are already equipped with good cameras for casual photography.