Low Cost Trips in Australia

The land down under provides us with plenty of travelling opportunities and despite its developed status, we can find it an affordable place to visit. Many people bring a bucket load of money to Australia, expecting that everything will be expensive. However, we can dispel these myths by doing the proper things while visiting Australia. The country has vast expanse of outdoor location and although there are many hostels in the country; the best option for travelling cheap is by camping. We can purchase a tent for $20, which is an affordable investment if we plan to stay in the country for a week or more. There are many designated camping grounds in the country, complete with shared showers and toilets. Standard meals in Australia cost about $10 per person. For the price, we could get a steak and soft drink. One trick that we should consider is by checking for pubs that offer special deals for the day. Many of them provide lunchtime specials and we should take advantage of them. We could go to grocery stores, so we could eat fruits, orange juice toasts and cereals for breakfast.

Although Australia is the smallest continent, it is still a big country with nothing but arid plains between cities and towns. This could encourage travellers to use airplane when they go between large cities in the country. If we have enough time to spare, we could choose bus services; allowing us to slowly experience the country. If we plan to stay more than three months in Australia for travelling, it is a good idea to obtain the working visa instead. Working for ten days in Australia could earn us AUD 1000 or more. This will allow us to extend our stay in Australia and our budget could sustain us longer. Another concern is related to entrance fees. Actually, there are many areas that we can visit for free. As an example, we could go to many beaches, watching amazing landscapes and hiking on the hills. In Sydney, we could go to the Sidney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Kangaroos and Koalas are common throughout the country, to the extent that the former is considered as agricultural pests. They should be hard to miss.

We could also use tokens, vouchers and coupons while travelling in Australia. We often don’t bother picking up fliers and brochures. We should be able to find them in tourist information centers, hostels, pubs, airports and bus stations. By keeping on picking up these brochures, it is possible that we find ways to save money on many products. Don’t buy Kellog’s and Del Monte when we are in Australia. Coles and Woolworths are known as value brands in the country. In Australia, we shouldn’t go to expensive clubs to enjoy the wonderful night life in the country. There are some pubs that we can visit in the country. They should be free to enter and we can get affordable foods and drinks for a few Australian dollars.